Barbara's Beat: Win a Money Savvy Generation pig bank

Friday, January 6, 2012

Win a Money Savvy Generation pig bank

It's never too early to start teaching children about money. My granddaughter, Kristen, 4, wants to learn about money. She never wants to run out and buy things when she gets it, she always wants to save it. Now, she has a great way to do it.

We were recently sent a Money Savvy Generation pig bank to review. It is divided into four compartments. Depending on where you drop your money, you can save it, spend it, donate it or invest it. Kristen wants to understand about each of the categories on the bank, then she is very deliberate about where she puts her money. We're very proud of her, because she wants to make sure she puts plenty in the donation slot.
The Money Savvy Pig is Kristen's favorite bank. And, I think she may be able to teach others a thing or two about saving. Although, her brothers, Tyler, 13, and Dylan, 10, do a pretty good job, too.

Money Savvy Generation develops innovative products and services to help parents and educators teach kids the skills of basic personal finance. Founded in 1999 by Susan Beacham, the company’s mission is to empower children to take control of their financial lives and futures.

The company created the award-winning Money Savvy Pig®, a patented four-chambered bank that teaches children the power of delayed gratification through money choices and goal setting. They also offer the Money Savvy Football® and Moolah, the Money Savvy Cow®banks for children ages 4-11.

For teens and ‘tweens, they created the award-winning Cash Cache®
Beginning Personal Finance Organizer.  To see their full line of products, visit

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