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Monday, May 2, 2011

MOMtrepreneur Crafters of the Day:
More Teacher Appreciation projects

This is Teacher Appreciation Week, so here are more ideas from wonderful crafters.

Teachers can always use a Therapy Sack. Megan at Brassy Apple has a tutorial to show you every step how to make the sacks.

Photos are from Sweet Craft Cakes

Noelle and Kerry of Sweet Craft Cakes put together a Teacher Appreciation Lunch. After getting a bag, they picked up take-out menus from the teacher's favorite restaurants and added them to the bag with the note below.

You’re such a great teacher, we like you a bunch.
To show you our thanks, we’d like to buy you and a guest lunch.
Browse through the menus and pick out your choices.
Your meals will be delivered and you can rejoice.
Let me know what you have chosen and I will deliver it in time for your lunch.

Then the teacher and a guest picked out what they liked, so Noelle and Kerry could take it to them on a later day in the week.

Amy Jaz of Bean Sprout Studio has made you a free printable Teacher Treat Bag.  

Alenka's has a 6" Bag Topper that is editable so you can personalize it with your own text. Print on heavy card stock paper. Use Craft Ziploc Bags, Sandwich Zipper Bags, or any clear 6" bag.
Instructions: Cut out, fold in half and attach to a clear (plastic) bag.

Paper Garden Projects made a Hershey chocolate bar box to share with you that makes a sweet teacher gift.
Jenni of Simple Savvy made a Candy Gram Pail to show a teacher how much she was appreciated. Then she was very creative with the poem she wrote to go with the candy bars in the pail.

I SKORed big when I got you for a teacher. Don't SNICKER, but I think you're great! You are MOUNDS of fun and you have brought me so much JOY. I think you ROCK. (Pop Rocks) Thanks BEARY much (Gummy Bears) for always being so JOLLY (jolly ranchers) and for helping me become such a SMARTIE. Teachers like you are worth a MINT. (York Peppermint Patty) I'd be a NERD if I didn't thank you for helping me put the PIECES (Reese's Pieces) of the knowledge puzzle together. You are Might Magnificent. (M&Ms)


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