Friday, January 20, 2012

MOMtreprenuer Crafter of the Day: Design Mom's DIY Balloon Banner

Gabrielle Blair of Design Mom, created this fun and easy balloon banner for her daughter's first birthday.

You need six different colors, 12 of each color balloons to do the same banner as Gabrielle. It takes 72 balloons, more if you pop a couple.

If you want the tutorial with pictures to make this wonderful balloon banner, visit Design Mom. I can't wait to make one, too.


Jerri Davis said...

That is very beautiful Ballons and I know you spent lots of time on that. Thank you, Jerri Davis

Terri. said...

This is great!! I have birthday party in a month. I love these balloons!

Anonymous said...

What an impressive decoration. I will remember this for birthdays as well as other special occasions.
Stephanie F.

Shannon said...

I love balloon ribbons! Thank you for sharing!!!

tisonly143 said...

what a fun idea and very colorful :) thanks for share

Michael Lambert said...

I know my wife was wanting to do something like this for my daughter's Birthday.