Barbara's Beat: Premium 10 Stage Water Filter 12/15

Monday, December 2, 2013

Premium 10 Stage Water Filter 12/15

$124.99 Premium 10 Stage Water Filter Giveaway

Sponsored by: New Wave Enviro
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We don't drink faucet water, but we do drink a lot of water. We have a filter in our refrigerator. The problem is, it's not always easy finding the replacement filter, so we buy bottled water and that's bad for the environment.  Now, there's an alternative.

You can get great tasting, healthy water for pennies per gallon.  Enviro Products’ has a patented 10 Stage Water Filter that delivers chlorine-free, odorless, healthy water at your kitchen sink.

The space-saving, attractive counter-top filter installs easily in seconds to any standard faucet. It allows you to easily change between tap water and filtered water as you wish.

The 10 Stage Water Filter Removes:
• Chlorine and Chloramines
• Herbicides and Pesticides
• Hydrogen Sulfide (rotten egg odor)
• Trihalomethanes (cancer-causing organic/chlorine compounds)
• Microorganisms such as cysts, giardia, cryptosporidium, protozoa, etc.
• Heavy metals like lead, mercury, cadmium, etc.
• Organic Arsenic
• PCBs
• Asbestos
• And dozens of other contaminants

10 Stages of Protection Against Major Water Contaminants:Stage 1 - 30 micron sponge filter. Traps larger solids (sediments) such as rust.

Stage 2 - 8 oz. of KDF-55. KDF-55 is a patented alloy which removes free chlorine and some heavy metals, thereby prolonging the life of the filter and is an excellent Bacteriostat.

Stage 3 - 10 micron felt pad which removes smaller floating solids and separates the layers, preserving their integrity.

Stage 4 - 30 cubic inches of ultra fine mesh, superior coconut shell and granulated activated carbon. Granulated activated carbon has long been accepted by the E.P.A. and others as the premier, cost-effective way to remove chlorine, bad odors and color from drinking water. G.A.C. also removes organic contaminants such as pesticides, herbicides, arsenic, mercury and trihalomethanes - a cancer-causing organic pollutant.

Stage 5 - 10 micron felt pad for fine sediment removal.

Stage 6 - 7 cubic inches of ion exchange resin which removes lead to below minimum E.P.A. standards.

Stage 7 - Additional 30 micron felt pad provides an extra buffer against floating sediment of any kind.

Stage 8 - 7 cubic inch bed of G.A.C. which provides extra protection against cancer-causing organic pollutants.

Stage 9 - 2 oz. of calcite which raises the water’s pH and lowers acidity. It also increases alkalinity, which many nutritionists recommend.

Stage 10 - 1 micron absolute depth filter. A filter with a micron rating this small screens out cysts and protozoa, (including Giardia and Cryptosporidium), and gives the filtered water a sparkling clarity.

While the comprehensive 10 Stage Filter removal list is impressive, another great benefit of the filter is what it leaves in your water - the good minerals that keep you healthy. These include magnesium, potassium, calcium, etc.

Enjoy 365 days of fantastic, fresh water that you and your family can enjoy, instead of fear.

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One lucky reader will win a Premium 10 Stage Water Filter - $124.99. 

Open to Unites States residents 18 years or older. 

Giveaway ends 12/15 at 10pm. 

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Deb (dubbage42) said...

I would like to win the water filter because, who wouldn't like better tasting, healthier water?

Anonymous said...

allie- my husband hates water out of the faucet- this would definitely save on the expense of buying bottled water!

Greg said...

These are definitely sophisticated water filters, but for the price of them, you can get a much more effective water filter, that would actually save you money over time because of the filter replacement costs for this system.

Sarah Ann said...

This would be great to help improve on the taste of my family's tap water!

hhkaufman78 said...

Our water is yucky…lol

peg5 said...

we have hard, smelly water where we live...i think this would make a huge difference.

SaraMomofmany said...

The water at our house is well water and it smells like rotten eggs. I am hoping this filter would make our water smell good again.

lilyk said...

I would like to win the Premium 10 Stage Water Filter because it looks very useful!